Photography Made Simple

Photography Made Simple

One Day Workshop in Carmarthenshire

This workshop will move you away from the automatic settings on your camera on to the manual and semi-automatic side of your camera where you have more creative control of your images.

We assist you in two areas, portraiture and landscapes. We encourage you to understand the techniques, for example, blurring the background depth of field and composition. You are encouraged to learn some technical features of the camera like changing ISO, exposure compensation, white balance and changing the metering for different kinds of shot.

You Should Attend This Workshop If

You think that you are not really making full use of your camera by staying on auto mode.

You have a camera with P A S and M (or P, Av Tv and M if it’s a Canon) and wish to use these.

You have a camera which only has scene modes.

We will show you how to use your camera to get the most out of the auto modes as well as manual modes. We guarantee that you will leave the workshop with a greater level of photographic skills and a greater awareness of the creative potential of your camera.

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